The Bannut Orchard


At Commonwood Farm, all our fields and orchards have some rather interesting names...
"Bannut" is the old name for walnut and there have always been walnut trees on our farm, a few remain to this very day although the majority of the trees in The Bannut Orchard are perry pears, hence the name for our Vintage Sparkling Perry and Vintage Pear Spirit.


Our drinks


Our Sparkling Vintage Perry is made using perry pears from our traditional orchard that we believe was planted in the late 1700s.

We use the ‘mĂ©thode traditionelle’ technique to create this delicious drink.

The pears are pressed, then fermented twice; first in the barrel for a year, then a second year’s fermentation in the bottle takes place. The perry is then disgorged in the champagne style and aged further before release.  It is the secondary fermentation that gives our perry it's natural bubbly effervescence.

2019 Vintage - Tasting Notes:

Aromas of elderflower and honeysuckle.

Crisp & dry, with a light acidity and a slight earthiness coming through on the palate. smooth with a rounded finish.

6% alc. by vol. 750ml champagne bottles, corked and wired.


At present the apple juice is available direct from the farm and from the Swan Garage in the picturesque Victorian town of Tenbury Wells.

We plan to hold pop up events throughout the year and provide you with an opportunity to taste and buy our other beverages.

Please contact us for more information.




A medium, lightly sparkling perry made using hand picked perry pears from our 2020 harvest. The juice is then slowly feremented in the barn until fermentation has taken place. Whereupon it is bottled with just a little fizz to elevate the delicate flavour of the pears.

Easy drinking and the perfect accompaniment to a picnic, barbecue or curry.

5% alc. by vol. 500ml crown capped bottles.